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Wet Basement Dover DE – Basement Foundation Repair

Wet Basement Dover

Does Your Basement Wall Look Like This ? Then you may have a Wet Basement Dover DE


Interior Basement Water Proofing – Dover DE

Are you having moisture problems in your existing basement ? Well then you’re not alone… moisture problems in basements are one of the most common problems that people are faced with in Dover, Delaware on a daily basis. Most of the time the problem is not fully understood by traditional contractors, that’s what you need a true professional from American basement company. Most basements are connected to the house which means they share some of the same air , in addition when times are tough basements are also used for living quarters. Moisture problems and water damage problems are not just uncomfortable, but  delaying them can lead to serious health problems for those residing inside of the basement. Mildew and mold can grow in the carpet and, beneath wall coverings…. breathing this in is toxic and has long-term and sometime detrimental affects on your overall health and well being. If you finish the basement without first dealing with the moisture problem, this can result in a huge problem! This will not only make health conditions worse but will lead to significant damages to your home as well, that can spread to a house wide issue if left untreated.  A sealed interior basement waterproofing system installed by a professional waterproofing contractor, can keep the moisture and soil gases from circulating throughout your home. Do the right thing by making the right investment in those you care about.  If you have  a wet basement in Dover call Monty at American Basement Company.



Wet basement Dover


Wet Basement Dover - Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a pump that is used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit in your basement. Some pits can happen anywhere in your home but , the most obvious spot for them to enter is in the basements water. Sometimes it may enter the drains of the waterproof above the basement waterproofing system funneling into the pit , sometimes it arrives because of rain or because of standing ground water if the basement is below water table level.

Sump pumps are installed in particular places were basement flooding is seen as a common problem. We also use them to alleviate dampness where the water table is normally above the foundation in a home. Sump pumps send water away from your house to any place where it’s no longer a problem for the home, sometimes released into municipal storm drains or other dry wells. Older properties throughout Maryland  may have their sump pumps connected to the sanitary sewer, but this is sometimes frowned upon now because it is against plumbing code.  It can overwhelm the municipal sewage treatment system. Sump pumps are usually installed into a home’s electrical system and hardwired to the local system as well, we sometimes include battery back up.  Some sump pumps even use the homes pressurized water supply to power the pump all together eliminating any need for electricity. Since a sump pit will overflow if not constantly pumped, a backup system is required for cases when the main power is out for extended or prolonged periods of time.


There are generally two types of sump pumps submersible and pedestal. The pedestals pump motor is mounted above the pit where it is more easily serviced but is also out in the open for everyone to see. The submersible pump is entirely mounted inside of the pit,  it is specially sealed to prevent electrical short circuits. Most sump pumps will fix your wet Basement issue in Dover.





Wet Basement Dover DE – Crack Repair


If you live in Maryland there’s a good chance you have cracks in your concrete or foundation andl with the amount of thermal cycling we experienced.  Maryland concrete foundations can develop cracks, over time these cracks will then begin to let water in and damage the interior contents of the basement, if  this is an extra living space then you can consider all of your belongings under water. In more severe cases cracks in the concrete base of the wall can signify that there’s a structural defect in the structure within the wall. Whether it is to stop water or to structurally reinforce the concrete crack, epoxy and euro-thane resins can be injected and the cracks to repair them. This is not just a temporary fix but a permanent fix for those cracks in your foundation.


Causes for Cracks

1.  One of the most common reasons a foundation may have a crack in it  is from settling of the foundation,  the average home can weigh upwards of 132-150,000 pounds not including the foundation. This is typically within the first 2- 5 years of the home being built, over 90% of homes in the Maryland area have cracks in their foundation. It’s never a good idea to put off to repairs of these cracks, the larger these cracks get the more water they allow in; the more moisture they allow to get in the basement this can pose a serious health risk. So if you notice that your basement is wet basement in Dover go ahead and call us now.


2. The second most common cause for your basement to become wet or damp from cracks is that the concrete will shrink as it cures. The curing  process reduces the amount of water in the concrete, it shrinks in overall volume. This type of shrinkage can cause the concrete to crack or damage. This is a normal process is not to be a cause for concern or outright dismay however; they can still let water in and water damage can occur to the contents of your basement . Shrinkage cracks are usually very small and remain a constant width throughout the life of the foundation however, there will still be moisture seeping in if it is not properly repaired.


When To Call American Basement Company

Most people don’t know when or why to you call us;  It’s usually the result of the compromise of the structure or the foundation is in serious need of some repair.


  1. If you run your hand over the crack and your hand stops and doesn’t slide smoothly over the crack then, the structural integrity of the foundation in your home is a problem.  You may have a wet basement in Dover, MD.
  2. If the width of the crack is in excess of 3/4 of an inch you are again in serious trouble.
  3. If you notice that slowly over time the width of the crack is increasing,  even if slowly you need to contact one of our certified professionals at American Basement Company.
  4. If you walk in your basement and you notice a horizontal crack in the foundation this will indicate a serious problem.
  5. If the crack grows at a severe diagonal angle or there’s more than one crac up than the wall, you will wanna have one of us come out and take a look at it for you give you, and give you a free quote.
  6.  If you notice an abundance of water or, that you would describe your basement as wet in Dover then there is a problem.


Crawl Space Systems


Here at American Basement Company we’ve dealt with several different types of crawl spaces. As the name may imply a crawl space is a basement where one cannot stand up. The height of the crawl space may be as little as a foot and the surface is off and soil. This offers convenient access to pipes in sub structures in a variety of other areas that may be difficult to access otherwise. In most cases a crawl space cannot be used as a living space , you most certainly can use it for storage for any of your infrequently used items whether for winter or summer storage. There must be a good amount of care taken in doing so however; as water and humidity entering in from crawl space can allow moisture seeping into the pores of the concrete. This creates a perfect environment for mildew, mold, and termites. Cardboard boxes, surfaces, wood floors,  drywall and some types of  insulation can all suffer from mold or mildew and a form in your crawl space.


Health and safety issues are also to be considered when installing your new crawl space. As air warms throughout the home it rises and reaches the upper regions of the house. Much in the same way that air moves through a chimney, this phenomenon is commonly called the stack effect. This causes the home to suck air up in the crawl space, into the main area of the home. Mold spores, fecal matter, and dust mites from the crawl space come up into the air. They can sometimes cause agitation and breathing problems such as asthma and create a variety of health related problems.


That’s why it’s very important that you have one of us from American Basement company come out and make sure that your crawl space is free and clear from old mildew spores and of termites. Don’t let your wet basement in Dover keep your home value down, or cause health issues in your home.



 Window Well Drains

Our professionals will design the perfect waterproofing system for your home. Water causes a number of unwanted problems such as mold and termite infestation which can destroy your valuable items. A dry basement will give you the healthy quality of life and peace of mind you deserve, American Basement Company Inc. has a solution for all of your home needs, and we also offer a lifetime guarantee. check us out also @ www.americanbasement.com



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